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Children reunited with their mother – Ordo Iuris helps Norwegian family

Published: 15.05.2019

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The District Court in Myślibórz ruled that the children of a Norwegian national who fled to Poland fearing an intervention by the local authorities should be allowed to be reunited with their mother. The Barnevernet attempted to take the children away despite there being no concerns about the way they were raised. The Norwegian received help from the Ordo Iuris Institute.

The woman arrived in Poland in 2018. Back in Norway, the family were a victim of domestic violence at the hands of the father. The Norwegian authorities attempted to take away her two sons and daughter due to her alleged refusal to cooperate with the Norwegian child welfare services (the Barnevernet). It is important to note that no concerns were raised during the proceedings regarding the quality of her care of the children.

Norway issued an European arrest warrant for the woman, and she was apprehended by the police in October 2018. As a result of an intervention by Ordo Iuris, the judge did not order her to be held in custody and the Norwegian was released the next day. However, her children were sent to a care centre.

The Ordo Iuris Institute submitted a motion to the court to repeal the decision to place the children in foster care. However, the Norwegian authorities now demand that the Polish government recognise the Barnevernet’s decision as executable on the territory of Poland. The District Court in Myślibórz ruled that the children can be allowed to be with their mother as long as the legal proceedings are underway. Further decisions on the matter will be made by the Regional Court in Szczecin. The Polish prosecution is opposed to the Norwegian authorities’ claims.

“The District Court in Myślibórz made the right decision allowing the children to remain with their mother for the duration of the proceedings. It is my hope that the Regional Court in Szczecin sides with us and rejects the decision of the Norwegian authorities,” says Lew Michał Lizak, attorney and partner of the Process Intervention Center of Ordo Iuris.

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