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Polish court supports family. Denis Lisow is allowed to stay in Poland

Published: 12.07.2019


The District Court in Warsaw decided that Denis Lisow – a Russian national who fled from Sweden with his daughters, may stay in Poland. In the Court’s opinion, basic human rights concerning family life may be endangered in Sweden, whose authorities issued an European Arrest Warrant for Lisow. The man is represented by the Ordo Iuris Institute.

Three girls were taken away from their family after their mother had been taken to hospital. The children were placed in Muslim foster care although they are Orthodox Christians. They stayed 400 km away from their parents’ place of residence. Denis Lisow decided to take his daughters and go with them to Russia via Poland. Swedish social services in Warsaw tried to take the children away, which was prevented by the Polish Border Guard and Police. The Court decided that the family may stay in Poland for the duration of the asylum proceedings.

The Swedish authorities issued the European Arrest Warrant for Lisow. The District Court in Warsaw rejected the demand to expel the man, basing its decision on the fact that the Swedish authorities violated the European Convention of Human Rights, in particular the family life protection principles. The Court stated that Lisow's behaviour had been justified in a situation in which Swedish authorities had drastically limited his possibilities of contacts with his daughters. Moreover, the Court emphasised that the children were strongly attached to their father and, despite this, they were placed in a culturally different foster family. Therefore, the authorities’ actions were contrary to the girls’ well-being In the Court’s opinion, Sweden did not respect the children’s sensitivity. Moreover, Denis Lisow could not have “kidnapped” his daughters because he had full parental authority over them.

“The decision issued today by the Court confirms that Poland defends the fundamental value of the family life protection guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and the provisions of international law. It constitutes severe criticism of the legal system in the Kingdom of Sweden, which – by taking the children away from Denis Lisow – violates human rights, in particular Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights” – stated Maciej Kryczka, the attorney from the Ordo Iuris Process Intervention Centre.

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Norway once again violates parental rights, including those of a Polish woman – ruling of the European Court of Human Rights

The European Court of Human Rights found the Norwegian child protection services to have violated parental rights in another in a series of rulings on the subject issued in the past several months. The right to respect for family life was once again infringed upon by the Barnevernet. One of the cases involved a Polish woman whose son was taken away. The Pole was allowed only two visits per year, before being completely prohibited from seeing him despite positive opinions by doctors, psychologists, and kindergarten authorities.

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Barnevernet human rights violations mechanism - Ordo Iuris report presented in Oslo

Norway posts many cases of human rights violations, including the right to the protection of family life, by Barnevernet, a controversial agency for children.

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Report "Children's Rights Pitted Against Children? The Legal Framework and Practice of Barnevernet Functioning in the Perspective of International Legal Standards "

There are numerous violations of children's rights in Norway. The Ordo Iuris Institute has prepared a report on the unjustified interference of the Child Affairs Authority (Barnevernet) in family life. The publication was presented in Oslo.


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