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Protecting health instead of promoting abortion - Ordo Iuris petitions the government regarding the activities of WHO

Published: 11.05.2020

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The crisis caused by the pandemic has put the activities of the World Health Organisation at the centre of public debate. In addition to efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus, WHO continues to carry out the demands of the abortion-rights movement by promoting pharmacological abortion. This is another example of the involvement of this UN agency in ideological activities. WHO has caused great controversy before. For example, with the announcement of vulgar guidelines on sex education. The Ordo Iuris Institute has prepared a petition to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland with a call for expressing strong opposition to the activities of WHO.


WHO is usually presented as an impartial and specialised organisation. The organisation has many times proven its effectiveness in the area of health protection, also in combating infectious diseases. In recent years, however, WHO has been undertaking increasing numbers of ideologically motivated activities. On many occasions, it has carried out the demands of gender ideologists, for example by issuing guidelines on sex education, which assume that vulgar content is communicated to children as young as four-year-old.

The World Health Organisation also devotes a significant part of its efforts to promoting abortion. Many documents issued by WHO in recent years recognise abortion as a "reproductive right" and encourage the widest possible access to it. These types of activities increased during the pandemic. In addition to washing hands, the WHO lists pharmacological abortion among the forms of "self-care". The organisation also urges women to perform this form of abortion even without medical supervision. Legalising prenatal killing would be, according to WHO, "key" to women's health.

Meanwhile, international law and the findings of major United Nations conferences clearly indicate that abortion can never be seen as one of the methods of family planning. Similar conclusions can be found in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. This document states that human life must be protected, both before and after birth.

Currently, various activities of WHO cause controversy. This is evidenced by, for example, the withdrawal of funding for the organisation by the US President, Donald Trump. The Ordo Iuris Institute has launched a petition in which it appeals to the Polish government to oppose the implementation of ideological demands by WHO.

"The current crisis caused by the pandemic has put the activities of the World Health Organisation at the centre of public debate. This situation not only exposed the organisational problems of this institution, but also showed the radical ideological commitment of its members. Meanwhile, there is no doubt that the modern world needs a reliable organisation that is focused on genuine health protection and operates on a global scale. These were the original assumptions of WHO, which were reflected in its 1948 constitution," emphasised Karolina Pawłowska, Director of the Centre for International Law Ordo Iuris.

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