Informujemy, że Państwa dane osobowe są przetwarzane przez Fundację Instytut na Rzecz Kultury Prawnej Ordo Iuris z siedzibą w Warszawie przy ul. Górnośląskiej 20/6, kod pocztowy 00-484 (administrator danych) w celu informowania o realizacji działań statutowych, w tym do informowania o organizowanych akcjach społecznych. Podanie danych jest dobrowolne. Informujemy, że przysługuje Państwu prawo dostępu do treści swoich danych i możliwości ich poprawiania.
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A response to the crisis of academic life – an agreement between Collegium Intermarium and ISSEP

· Collegium Intermarium commences teaching with the start of the new academic year.

·  On 30 September, CI signed a partnership agreement with the French Institute of Social, Economic and Political Science (ISSEP).

·  The institute was represented by its founder – French politician Marion Maréchal.

·  The agreement constitutes a response to the “crisis of civilisation and academic life”.

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Collegium Intermarium: a place of truth in the times of “cancel culture”

With the beginning of the academic year, the Collegium Intermarium University will begin its didactic activity.

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Family and marriage


Gender ideology: a source of discrimination. 2nd Defending Women’s Rights Conference

It is often the case that the exercise of women’s rights is hindered by the ideological approach to their very concept. The gender perspective often leads to misrepresentations which are primarily rooted in the perception of gender merely as a social construct, detached from its biological dimension. The 2nd Conference on Defending Women’s Rights, which featured female representatives from the spheres of science, politics, and social studies from across several countries, was devoted to precisely these issues.

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Family and marriage


Defending Women’s Rights Conference

On Thursday, 12th November 2020, Ordo Iuris Institute hosted the Defending Women’s Rights Conference, opening the series of periodic debates. Two panels, which opened the whole cycle of discussions concerning this subject, dealt with the issue of political and doctrinal context of the discussion on women’s rights, also mentioning the topic of women’s right to health. The main target of the Conference was analyzing the problem of women’s rights in a non-ideological way.

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Family and marriage


Stop gender Convention - international coalition conference - 9th June, 12:00 AM

The European Commission intends to adopt an extremely ideological document which will negatively impact the family and social norms under the guise of combating violence. The Istanbul Convention undermines the right of parents to raise their children according to their own beliefs and regards traditional gender roles as a ‘source of violence’. In practice, the implementation of this act by the EU authorities will result in its primacy over national laws, despite the fact that the area it regulates lies outside of EU’s competencies.

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