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“Brave contribution in the fight against ideology” - Vladimir Palko in defence of Father Oko

Published: 25.11.2021

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· Dr Vladimir Palko – Slovak politician, mathematician and author, has published a review of the book “Lavender Mafia” by Father Professor Dariusz Oko.

· The priest has been sentenced by a German court to a fine of nearly 5 thousand euro for an article describing the activities of an organised criminal group operating amongst the clergy, connected with homosexual practices.

· Dr Palko stresses that Father Oko’s description of the operations of the “lavender mafia” and the relationships of priests engaging in homosexual practices, with paedophilia, is very accurate.

· Ordo Iuris Institute became involved in the defence of the priest.

· The petition in defence of Father Oko is still available to sign at





In July this year, Father Professor Dariusz Oko was sentenced by way of a penalty order by a German court to a fine amounting to 4,800 euro. The reason was alleged “incitement to hatred” in the article written by the priest and published in “Theologisches.” Father Johannes Stöhr, the magazine’s editor in chief, was sentenced along with him. In his article, Father Oko described the phenomenon of the so-called lavender mafia, acting against minors and using clerics dependent on it. The information in the article included mechanisms which brought Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, later defrocked, to the highest church offices.


Dr Palko emphasised in his review, that the “lavender mafia” is a real phenomenon. “Homosexual priests have been talked and written about for dozens of years. The adjective lavender was first used by an American priest and sociologist, Andrew Greney, in 1989, because many of those priests liked perfumes and cosmetics. High Church officials also talked about that problem,” writes Doctor Palko.


The Slovak politician also indicates the problem of paedophilia among many clergymen who engage in the homosexual practices, described by Father Oko. He reminds the report prepared on behalf of United States Episcopal Conference, quoted by the Polish researcher. “According to the document, over of 81% child abuse cases by catholic priests are situations in which the victims were boys,” emphasises Doctor Palko.


The author of the review also writes about the mechanisms of the “lavender mafia’s” development presented by Father Professor Oko. “If homosexual clerics or priests and bishops know of each other’s homosexual inclinations and live according to them, those who are in leadership positions surround themselves with people of similar inclinations and older clerics bring younger colleagues to seminaries,” observes Doctor Palko. “This may lead to the creation of an informal organisation, the members of which, knowing of each other, actually betray their priesthood, helping and protecting each other,” he adds.


Dr Palko also comments Father Oko’s conviction. He underlines that the priest didn’t criticise persons of homosexual inclinations, but those priests who undertook activities contrary to the teachings of the Church and break the law. “The context indicates that Dariusz Oko wrote about a clique of gay priests and bishops who secretly lead promiscuous lives, dramatically contrary to the sense of priestly vocation, who protect and support each other, try to change the teachings of the Church, cause scandals which seriously harm the Church, vilify and degrade the priests who want to expose them, and in particular, commit serious paedophilia and ephebophilic crimes,” the politician underscores.


In conclusion, Doctor Palko emphasises Father Oko’s contribution in the fight against radical ideologies. “LGBT ideology has long ago ceased to be a harmless eccentricity. When it comes to power, it harms the people who do not wish to profess it. In the European Union’s position towards Poland and Hungary, we see that this ideology even aims to punish whole countries. That is why it needs to be confronted. Father Professor Dariusz Oko’s book is a useful, brave contribution in the fight against ideology,” claims the author of the review.


Dr Vladimir Palko is a Slovak politician and mathematician, a former Slovakian internal affairs minister and the president of the Conservative Democrats of Slovakia. He is the author of the best-seller “The Lions are Coming. How Can Christian Europe Be Protected?” The full review is available at the website.




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