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They are speeding up! The UN will impose abortion "on demand" on the world?

Published: 16.12.2022

Ordo Iuris

The UN General Assembly's Third Committee has adopted a draft resolution on preventing violence against women, stating that "access to safe abortion" is to be part of "the human rights of all women." There is no doubt that a powerful lobby at the UN is pushing for the comprehensive inclusion of abortion in the human rights system - against the majority of countries in the world! Characteristically, abortion is combined with extreme ideology in the draft. In just 14 pages of the resolution, the word "gender" appears as many as 80 times.

The ideological revolution is accelerating

"March through the institutions" of leftist radicals in recent months is becoming a real sprint. We already know that in 2023 the UN wants to address the global implementation of sexeducation and "Transformative Gender Education," UN experts are working on a convention recognizing the defense of marriage as "homophobia" and "homophobia" as.... crime against humanity. Finally, work is progressing at UN headquarters in Geneva and New York on administrative restrictions on freedom of speech in the name of fighting "disinformation."

The coming weeks, however, will be the scene of a decisive struggle to recognize abortion ... as a human right. The next step will be to recognize that most of the world's protection of unborn children violates human rights - and that the real defenders of these rights are China or Canada, where a child can be murdered even in childbirth itself.

In early September, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution whose authors - including Poland - listed abortion as a human right. We publicized the issue in the media, stressing that formally non-binding resolutions co-create so-called customary law, influencing the interpretation of human rights.

Not three months have passed and another, even more unambiguous, UN resolution is already ready.

Will Poland oppose the radical resolution?

The UN General Assembly's Third Committee has adopted a draft on addressing violence against women, which quotes a previous resolution stating that "access to safe abortion" is to be part of "the human rights of all women." For now it is a draft, and all indications are that Poland will not be listed among the document's co-authors this time. Polish representatives still lacked the courage to join African or South American countries that expressed their unequivocal opposition during the work on the text.

However, it is worth appreciating that our country is not among the 70 proposers of the text. I have no doubt that this is also due to the Ordo Iuris Institute. It was our experts who publicized in the media the passivity of the Polish delegation in September. At the time, Ordo Iuris' position went to the Polish representative to the UN and the President's Office. Our pressure and substantive criticism apparently had some effect.

This proves that our activity in the international arena is crucial. We are the only Polish non-governmental organization with UN consultative status that boldly defends life, family and freedom at the United Nations.

Therefore, Ordo Iuris lawyers will prepare an analysis of the draft resolution, which will go to the Chancellery of the President, the Foreign Ministry and the Polish UN representative. I believe that through our actions, we will be able to convince decision-makers that firm opposition is necessary in this case, and not just a lack of unequivocal support.

We will defend the truth about "human rights" and the rule of law

At the end of November, the director of the Ordo Iuris Center for International Law, Veronika Przebierała, took part in the UN Human Rights Council Forum in Geneva, where she was the only one to speak about the fact that human rights also apply to unborn children. If we had not been there, no one would have stood up for life, family and freedom during the debate in which the vision of understanding "human rights" was "fleshed out".

We also participated in the country report prepared as part of the UN Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights. Ordo Iuris lawyers participated in a meeting with officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who were responsible for preparing the national part of the report. We were the only pro-family NGO at the meeting.

Taking advantage of the special consultative status we acquired at the UN six years ago, we submitted a written position paper from Ordo Iuris to the 56th Session of the UN Commission on Population and Development, which will address the topics of population, education and sustainable development. In our position paper, we pointed out the ineffectiveness of permissive sex education promoted by UN institutions.

They blackmail the poorest

Almost all UN initiatives in which the extreme left tries to smuggle its radically ideological demands into international law have one thing in common - the opposition of a specific group of countries. We are talking here primarily about poorer countries, primarily African ones.

Abortion and gender lobbyists know very well that these are the very states that are today the main brake on their revolution, and by all means try to break this opposition. Suffice it in this context to mention, for example, the European Union's partnership agreement with African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, which is still being drafted, which will make the EU's financial support for the world's poorest countries conditional on their support internationally for abortion and the demands of gender ideology. If this agreement goes into effect, African, Caribbean and Pacific countries will be obliged to vote like the EU at the UN, giving Brussels officials a "controlling stake" in the General Assembly.

In addition, the EU and the US are trying to impose ideological content into the international guidelines of the Committee on World Food Security.

Similar threats appear at the UN on a regular basis - every month. As I have already mentioned, the next year in particular is expected to become a time of revolutionary projects of international manipulation. Each time we react, we prepare legal analyses of the next initiatives, we publicize them and inform key decision-makers about the threats, we prepare coalitions of opposition. Often it is only our intervention that makes Polish representatives give up their support for ideological initiatives.

 Jerzy Kwasniewski - president of Ordo Iuris


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