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UNICEF plans to negatively impact children’s welfare

Published: 26.08.2021

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• The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has presented a strategic plan that is based on the promotion of so-called reproductive and sexual rights, reports the Center for Family and Human Rights.

• The plan includes the promotion of abortion and vulgar sex education.

• The UN is also implementing the Gender Action Plan, which includes limiting the rights of parents to consent to medical examinations of their children.

• The Center for Family and Human Rights also recalls the UNICEF report, which included proposals to facilitate children’s access to pornography.

‘UNICEF was originally tasked with helping millions of orphans and refugees after World War II. Today, it has become a tool of ideologues to promote controversial ideas, the harmfulness of which, as in the case of pornography, no one seems to have the slightest doubt anymore. We constantly monitor the activity of various UN agencies and react to subsequent reports and plans published by them’, stresses Anna Kubacka from the Ordo Iuris International Law Centre.

The strategic plan presented by UNICEF is based on including the right to abortion and permissive sexual education among the rights the youngest children are entitled to. As part of this education, for example, transsexualism and attempts to ‘change sex’ by surgical and pharmacological means are promoted. Importantly, the promotion of abortion is in clear contravention of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which states that the child requires special care and attention, including appropriate legal protection, both before and after birth.

Together with the above strategic plan, the Gender Action Plan is also being implemented. The term ‘gender equality’ has no official legal international definition and can therefore be used and interpreted differently, depending on the assumptions of the author. The most popular demand behind this term is the complete elimination of social differences between women and men.

The Gender Action Plan assumes limiting the rights of parents regarding the need to consent to medical examinations. The obligation to obtain such a consent is, according to the authors of the plan, a result of gender discrimination and discourages young people from seeking help in the situation of a so-called reproductive health crisis. In this way, an attempt is made to implement the postulate that parents do not need to know that their child has decided to have an abortion or is taking steps towards attempting a ‘sex change’.

As the Center for Family and Human Rights reminds us, UNICEF also takes action related to the promotion of pornography among children. A controversial report by the UN agency released earlier this year encourages countries to introduce a classification of pornographic films, so that pornography with content ‘appropriate’ for children is properly labelled and made available to minors.

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